Week 3 Practice: Company Questions

This week we were tasked with coming up with questions to ask at the end of our mock interview later this week. Questions are important to ask because it lets a potential employer know that you have researched the company and that you have the drive to do this research on your own.


  1. What has been one of your favorite media pieces that you’ve created?
  2. Has there been an instance where a client was being difficult to work with?
  3. How did you work with the difficult client?
  4. What would you say separates S3 Media from other media companies in the area?
  5. What does S3 concentrate on more than anything else when working with a client?

Week 3 Exploration: Company Research

This week we were tasked with doing research on the top company from our target list. I chose to research S3 Media, a media company based in the Tampa area. This research was really enlightening and will serve as a nice template for research into future potential job opportunities.

My Research Prezi

Week 2 Project: Reaching Out to Target Employers

This week we were tasked with drafting a professional email to a contact on our target list. I chose to write a LinkedIn Mail to Kurt Schleicher, Creative Director of S3 Media. In this email I’m trying to get a sit down with Kurt to start our professional relationship. My end goal is to be offered the Communications Specialist position that is available.


Contact Name: Kurt Schleicher

Position: Creative Director of S3 Media

Contact Option: 2nd Degree Connection on LinkedIn. Email will be sent using LinkedIn Mail.

Subject Line: The Start of a Beautiful Friendship – Taylor Chapman: Communications Specialist


Hey Mr. Schleicher,

My name is Taylor Chapman and I have a passion for brand management and communication. I’ve been following S3 Media’s work for some time and your company has created some of the most functional and visually appealing designs that I’ve seen in a long time. Your work on the Machinery Supply website was particularly great. The color palette was really inspiring and the geometric buttons were incredibly unique!

I’m a recent graduate of Full Sail University. There i acquired the skills to manage a brand’s message and identity while creating innovative media that will grab the attention of an audience. My work for The City of Safety Harbor is a great example of my work, you can see some of it on my online portfolio: http://icetrey466.wix.com/taylorchapman .

I’d be very interested in meeting you in person and talking about a few ideas that I have about some of your clients, especially Hofbräuhaus. I have a background in craft beer, and this combined with my passion for design has led to some unique design elements that I think you’ll find interesting.

My schedule is flexible, I can meet with you any time that is convenient for you. If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to email me at this address or call me at 813-597-6857. I’m looking forward to meeting you; I feel that I can learn a lot from you and your team.

All the best,

Taylor Chapman

Communications Specialist



Week 2 Practice: Networking Events & Organizations

Professional networks are extremely important when it comes to landing a dream job and continuing your success in your career. This week we were tasked with identifying an upcoming event that would boost our professional networks. We were also asked to identify an organization to consider joining that would improve our chances of finding a job.

For my event I chose Idealogue: The Social Media Sessions featuring Gary Vaynerchuk. This conference, which will feature a plethora of events, will focus on marketing, communicating, and networking in an digitally focused environment. Networking isn’t one of my strong suits, so a conference that will increase my ability to network would be very useful.

The organization that I chose to look into was Emerge. Emerge is a networking group made up of young professionals that is run by the Tampa Chamber of Commerce. This membership includes entrance to a monthly networking event, and encourages interaction with other young professionals that are looking to make a difference in their community while building their professional careers.

Week 2 Analysis: Building A Professional Network

This week we were tasked with identifying our current organizations, identify to whom we can connect and reach our target list, and brainstorm what we can do to increase our professional networks. To increase the size and quality of my network I will attend networking events and conferences to meet more professionals. I will also add to my target list and identify key personnel that I can connect with. With this increase in my network I should be able to identify more unlisted jobs and have a better shot at landing those jobs due to my connections.

My professional network.

Week 2 Exploration: Building a Target List

This week we were tasked with building a target list of local career opportunities. I targeted media companies around Tampa, focusing on smaller businesses and businesses that specialize in video production. Even with my decent amount of LinkedIn connections I found I didn’t know many people at these companies. I will have to focus on networking going forward to increase my chances of finding these unlisted jobs.

Here is my Google Map Target List