Media Project 4 – Final Edits

Here is the link to the final draft of my Playful City Video.

For this revision I added more effective tags to the YouTube video. This way people will be more likely to find my video in a search or video suggestion. I also made the title of the video more appealing and also added a video description.

Reflect- I approached this project with an attitude that was ready to improve on a video that I knew needed some work. I was excited to get feedback from a 3rd party on changes that would increase the quality of this little production.

Inquire- As I was working on this project I found that I wanted to know more about how to shoot two people talking on screen more effectively. Resources like or YouTube have in depth videos that will give me great tips and information on different ways to film two people speaking to one another.

Suggest- If I had more time I would have gathered my actors and done some re-shoots. I’m very happy with the video in its current state, but having more shots is never a bad thing. I would have liked to have tried more shots and angles and see how it effects the look of the video as a whole.

Elevate- As I had to make this video for my current job, it definitely furthered my professional interests and my career as a whole. I’m excited to see if Safety Harbor is awarded the Playful City designation again this year.



Media Project 3 – Refined Draft

Here is the link to my updated video.

For this video I extended the length of the opening and ending titles. I also added a scrolling title that introduces Fiona in case people aren’t aware of the character. I also tightened up a few of the transitions between scenes to try and increase the pace of the video. I think this is a really excellent cut of the video, an improvement on what I submitted to Kaboom for the Playful City award.

Media Communications Portfolio Project 4

Here is the link to my deliverable video.

The goals in the project are to show how The City of Safety Harbor is a city that concentrates on making great places to play outside. I wrote this video to get that point across while keeping a humorous tone to the video. The elements that are included are a script, casting, shooting, editing, wardrobe and props. I used a Panasonic P2HD camera to shoot and all editing was done in Adobe Creative Suite.