MCPP Portfolio Project Submission: Digital Video Portrait

This project will be seeking a 1-star rating.

This project in DAA had us expand our Video Portrait that we created in DVE by recording and adding voiceover, sound effects, and music. I wanted to maintain the simple aspects of the portrait and let the shots and music speak the loudest. However, I was very happy with how my voiceover and sound effects added to the piece.

Here is a YouTube Link to the video:

My initial feedback mostly revolved around my voiceover. It had too many audio peaks and some fuzziness in between sentences. I used compression filters and pop filters to clean up my audio, resulting in a much cleaner piece.

I used a yeti cardioid USB microphone and felt pop filter to record the audio. I recorded the video with an iPhone 4 with a mobile tripod for mobile shots. I edited the footage in Adobe Premiere and the audio in Adobe Audition. All was done on my Macbook Pro.

MCPP Portfolio Project Submission: Perro Mi Perro Website

This project will be seeking a 1-star rating.

In this project we were provided with a fictional client with needs and goals. We were tasked with creating a website for that client that fell in line with the message and look they wanted for their business. After revision I believe I created a website with which the client would be delighted.

Here is the link to the website:

I had some issues initially with the font being illegible against the woodgrain backdrop. I fixed this by changing the font as well as placing contrasting boxed behind the text so it would be easier to read. I also had some alignment issues that I resolved that gave the site a more uniform, professional look. Finally I removed some unnecessary pages and condensed the sight.

Besides the feedback received I worked on this project alone. I used Wix to create and host the site alone with Adobe Photoshop to resize and re-tool some of the logos. All was done on my Macbook Pro.