MCBS Portfolio Project Submission: IOTO Proposal Revised

This project will be seeking a 2 star rating.

The project is a business proposal for the entertainment website It Only Takes One (IOTO). It contains all the information needed for any potential investors or partners.

Link to Deliverable:

My instructor’s feedback touched on a few formatting problems and wording issues. I had some unnecessary words in my first section that needed to be removed. I also missed capitalizing the “S” in “States” in a later section. Finally, I was advised to change the formatting on my risk assessment section in order to have a uniformed font and margins, increasing professionalism. I made these changes and appreciate the feedback.

The Hardware/Software needed to complete this project included: Macbook, Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, Google Docs, and Photoshop.



Hull Trauma Portfolio Project Submission Post Revised

This project will be seeking a 1 star rating.

The project is a TV Bible and Promotional material for a new Sci-Fi show called Hull Trauma. I wanted to create an all encompassing guide that would be given to producers and other financial backers, as well as creative staff once the show was green-lit. I believe I accomplished this goal.

Here is the link to the Proposal:

Feedback: The Portfolio instructor gave me some excellent feedback. First I was advised to add an introduction section, before the “We are inspired” section. I was also advised to change a name type where I forgot to change Jett’s name to Jaina in certain parts of the presentation. I was also advised to remove the reflections section of the project as that would not be needed in a professional caliber presentation. I applied all this feedback and I believe it was greatly enhanced my project.

Equipment needed for the project: Macbook, Microsoft Office software, Internet connection, Diigo, and Adobe Photoshop.