Week 4 Project: MultiMedia Video Resume

This week we were tasked with making a short multimedia resume that quickly tells a potential employer who we are, what we do, and what we’ve worked on. I made a video slideshow with a voiceover track that syncs up with the images. I tried to keep the feel of the video lighthearted and confident. These two attributes, I believe, make up a lot of my personality.


Week 4 Reflection: RISE Self-Evaluation

This week we were tasked with evaluating our mock interview using the RISE system. This was useful because it helped me discover some questions that I had about interviews that I previously didn’t think of. The mock interview also pointed out a few flaws I noticed during my interview that I can focus on and correct with practice.

Week 3 Project: Mock Interview

This week we were tasked with making a mock interview. We had 5 questions that we had to ask ourselves as well as come up with 3 industry specific questions that we have to answer. I didn’t write down my answers since I wanted to try and imitate an actual interview scenario as closely as possible.

After watching my interview I think my strengths are:

  1. My ability to improvise strong answers.
  2. Speak with few “umms” or pauses
  3. Maintain eye contact with my interviewer.

I felt that two things I could improve upon are:

  1. Speaking more loudly and with more confidence
  2. Smiling more

Week 4 Reflection: RISE Peer Review

This week we were tasked with providing RISE peer review for one of our classmate’s mock interview assignment. I was initially supposed to provide peer review for George Forchuk but his project was unable to be viewed and he has not replied to my messages. I am reviewing Elisabeth’s mock interview, a project that should be applauded for its high quality and her excellent interview answers.

Elisabeth Hodge Mock Interview


Reflect- Hey Elisabeth, what initially struck me about your interview was the extremely high quality of your audio and video. The picture was crystal clear, your backgrounds weren’t distracting, and your lighting was from a good direction and was at a good level. Your audio levels were great and had very little, if any, background noise. Your diction was well chosen and you spoke very clearly. You also spoke at a great speed; it wasn’t so fast that I couldn’t follow what you were saying, and it wasn’t so slow that I was losing interest in what you were saying. Your interview answers were really solid and you kept bringing your answers back to projects that you had worked on and experience that you have. Especially with a recent graduate, having experience going into an interview can really set you apart from the other candidates looking for that particular position. I especially liked the answer in which you spoke about the grocery list marketing stunt that you made. I think that that was a really excellent idea and innovative media strategies like that will draw a potential employer’s eye much faster than a breadth of boring experience. Finally, your change in outfits to denote the two speakers was effective and very noticeable.

Inquire- Was there a particular reason that you wrote down your answers and read them during the interview? I wonder because it could be helpful to have answers to popular questions written down and practice ahead of time like you did in this video. Also, was there a reason you chose to seat yourself center of frame during the recording? What editing/recording software did you use? What microphone did you use and did you use any pop filters?

Suggest- Have you thought of only writing down the questions that you need to ask yourself for the mock interview? Learning to answer these questions off the cuff and deliver them more naturally could be invaluable in a real interview situation, it would also make your delivery seem more natural for purposes of this video. I would also suggest having the two “speakers” be in different sections of the screen. This is an effective camera trick when conveying two people are speaking to one another when they aren’t on screen at the same time. By having the interviewer be on the left side of the frame and the interviewee on the right, it would be even more obvious when the speaker changes. I would also recommend adding a dip to black between speaker changes to make it even that more apparent. Finally, I would use a pop filter (you can google how to make one out of things around the house if you don’t have one) for your audio recording. It will soften your voice a little bit and eliminate any unwanted mouth sounds.

Elevate- Perhaps you can add more insight by asking yourself some more vague questions about your personality or your work ethic. Even something like, “What do you do for fun?” can be used by employers to determine if you would be a good fit for their team. I’ve found that how well you would fit in a given team is very important in an employer’s hiring decision.

Portfolio Project Submission: Fitness Fun Featuring Fiona

I will be seeking a two star rating for this project.

I created this video on behalf of the City of Safety Harbor. The video is the first in a series of exercise videos that encouraged children to get fit and have fun. The videos were played for a class of children and guardians with water breaks in between. I planned and managed the production, directed the shoot, and edited the footage. I attempted to add some educational and entertaining subtitles that would help keep the parents entertained as they exercised with their children.

Here is a link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5_kYGa4OAQ

I shot this video using a Panasonic digital video camera. The video, audio, and graphics were edited in Premiere, Audition, and Photoshop respectively. Coach Tim was responsible for creating and demonstrating the exercises.

Portfolio Project Submission: Special Events Training Video

I am seeking a two star rating with this project.

I created this video on behalf of the City of Safety Harbor. I wrote the script, directed the video shoot and completed all of the post-production editing. I attempted to make the video more entertaining by adding some funny moments and using some fun editing to hold a viewer’s attention.

Link to Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gllzF8KysI

I used a Panasonic digital video camera to record all of the assets and lavalier microphones to pick up the audio. I edited the video, graphics, and audio in Premiere, Photoshop, and Audition respectively.

Week 3 Analysis: Virtual Interview Preparation

Today we were tasked with preparing our interview space for our digital interview. I chose my room since it is free of the distractions of animals and children, and the lighting is relatively good. However, my computer and recording software aren’t up to snuff regarding audio and video recording. I will use a professional video camera and microphone to record my mock interview due Sunday.